About Us

History of Council

Mazowe Rural District Council (MRDC) was established in 1992 after the amalgamation of Mazoe Rural Council, Mvurwi Rural Council, Harare West Rural Council and Chiweshe District Council. Mazowe Rural District Council was established under the Rural District Councils Act 29:13 in 1992.

Mazowe Rural District Council shares boundaries with Harare to its north, Goromonzi District to its south east, and Muzarabani to the north and Guruve to the North West. It was further divided into manageable sub offices, that is, Dandamera, Christon Bank, Mount Pleasant Heights Tsungubvi, Chiweshe and Mvurwi sub offices. Mvurwi sub office was however conferred a town status in February 2010 and separated from Mazowe Rural District Council.

Important Information

Population 233 450

  • Mazowe’s population constitutes about 20% of the total population in the Province.  It has the highest population in the Province.
  • Mazowe District has the second largest town in the Province after Bindura i.e. Mvurwi.
  • The District has 1 444km2 in surface area and falls under region 2A. The District experienced severe drought only twice since independence.
  • Its major settlements are Nzvimbo, Glendale, Concession, Mazowe and Christon Bank.
  • It has 34 wards and 34 Councillors (2 females and 32 males).

Our Executive Team

Liberty Mufandaedza

Liberty Mufandaedza

Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Mufandaedza is an accomplished Local Government Practitioner with over thirty three (33) years of experience specializing in Human Resources Management, Public Administration, Public Policy and Public Health Management in the Local Government System of Zimbabwe.  He holds a Bachelor of Science Honours Degree in Politics and Administration from the University of Zimbabwe and a Diploma in Local Government Administration .He rose from the ranks of Council dating back to Rural Councils and entering into the present amalgamated Rural District Councils when he started off as an Assistant Administration Officer in 1985.  He was then promoted to the current position of Chief Executive Officer in 2002. He is a tried and tested leader and a veteran who has overseen the transformation of Mazowe Rural District Council which gave birth to the magnificent Mvurwi Town Council under his Stewardship as the Chief Executive Officer. He participated and contributed significantly in the creation of the National Employment Council for Rural Local Authorities in Zimbabwe. He was an executive member of the Provincial and National Chief Executive Officer’s Fora for over ten (10) years.

His greatest strength is business awareness, which enables him to steer and permanently stream line focused development planning for Mazowe District. Mr. Mufandaedza leads a young, talented and qualified team which is very passionate and committed to development issues.

Obert Magasi

Obert Magasi

Finance Officer

Mr. Magasi  is an accomplished  Accountant  with over ten years of experience specializing in Public  Finance and Budgeting in the Local Government System of Zimbabwe. He rose from the ranks starting by studying for the then ZAAT certificate up to this level where he holds a Master of Science Degree in Strategic Management, Bachelor Of Commerce in Accounting and several other diplomas. He joined Mazowe RDC in 2010 as an Internal Auditor before he was then appointed to the current position of Finance Officer in 2013. He is tried and tested in handling public finances as he has worked in the Uniformed Force, parastatals and the banking sector before joining Council.  He heads the Finance Department.
Admire Chikonamombe

Admire Chikonamombe

Human Resources and Administration Officer

Mr. Chikonamombe is a duly registered Human Resources Practitioner with the Institute of People Management in Zimbabwe and a seasoned Local Government Practitioner with over twenty five years of experience specializing in Public Administration, Human Resources and Social Services in the Local Government System of Zimbabwe. He joined Mazowe Rural District Council in February, 2013 after having worked for several organisations in the public and private sector.  He is a holder of a Master of Science Degree in Peace, Leadership and Conflict Resolution, Post Graduate Diploma in Law (Conciliation and Arbitration), Bachelor of Science Honours Degree in Psychology, Higher Diploma in Human Resources Management and several diplomas.

He has astute and keen interest in Labour Law, Industrial Relations and Training and Development.

He is the Head of Department for Human Resources and Administration Department which is composed of the Social Services , Environmental Management and Transport and Administration Sections.

Johannes Chidzambwa

Johannes Chidzambwa

Internal Auditor

Mr. Johannes Chidzambwa is an Internal Auditor with vast experience in Public Finance and Public Sector Accounting.   He rose from the ranks in the civil service where he joined the Ministry of Justice’s department of Prisons and Correctional Services. He, then joined the  Auditor General’s office as an Internal Auditor, a position he held for  two years before joining Mazowe Rural District Council as an Internal Auditor in 2014.  Mr Chidzambwa holds a Master of Commerce Degree in Accounting and a Bachelor of Commerce Degree in Accounting and SAAA Higher Diploma in Accounting. His major strength lies in patience, persistence and perseverance to achieve desired results.
Cleopas Mupereki

Cleopas Mupereki

District Engineer

Mr. Mupereki is a duly registered Engineer with over ten (10) years of experience in civil engineering, roads construction and public works in both the Central Government and Local Government.  He graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering from the University Of Zimbabwe and also holds a post graduate certificate in Project Planning and Management from the same university. He joined Council in March, 2013 from Hwedza Rural District Council where he had worked for over a year after having served  the Ministry of Transport and  Infrastructural Development’ s Department of Roads. He held the post of Chief Engineer for four(4) years in the Roads Maintenance Section.  He successfully led the Provincial Roads Condition Survey exercise funded by the African Development Bank under the auspices of ZINARA and has overseen the growth of Mazowe Rural District Council since then.  He is the Head of Department for the Roads, Works and Planning Department.